2023 RGA Officers & Directors



Eric Crawford





Regina Wadsworth

President - Elect



Angela Sorapuru-Lopez
Vice President



Jenny Viger
Immediate Past President


 2023 Local Directors: 
(Last Year of Term)

2023 - Tom Blanchard, Kim Bragg & John Chambers
2024 - Debbie Franco, Donatella Armstrong-Key, 
Sherri Melton & Janet Robinson
2025 - Brandi Ledford, Nancy Powell & Tim Turner

2023 State Director: 
(1 Year Term)

Andrea Bowles, Kelly Gates, Patricia Goodwin,
Kyria Jefferies, Philip Jones, Pam Lightsey,
Kim Pond, 
Sherry Sanders, Kristen Stouffer,
Brandy Sutton, 
Ashley Wilson,
Lili Youngblood, and Darcy Zabel

As a member-driven organization, RGA relies heavily on volunteer committees to guide the
organizations objectives, make recommendations to the Board of Directors, and achieve goals.
We appreciate our dedicated members who serve on RGA committees and are committed to our mission.

AWARDS & PROGRAMS:  Plan and implement
membership programs and faciliate annual awards
presented to members of RGA. 

Angela Sorapuru-Lopez - Chairperson
Jan Grizzaffi, Tina Ishmael, Serrita Lindsey, Gloria Marsella,
Janet Mueller, Heather Murray, Susan Salisbury,
Sherry Sanders, Stephanie Sankey, and Darcy Zabel

BUDGET & FINANCE:  To promote and ensure the Board's
and members absolute adherence to fiduciary duties.
Regina Wadsworth– Chairperson
Angela Sorapuru-Lopez - Vice Chairperson
Sam Datta, Katie Grenne, Philip Jones,
Janet Robinson, and Lili Youngblood

and enhance the REALTOR(R) brand by leading
and participating in charitable / goodwill projects
in the community.

Sonia Salazar - Chairperson
Patricia Goodwin - Vice Chairperson

Tracy Beard, Elana Bell, Jaime Carrow, Ehrin Fairey, 
Heather Ferrante, Debbie Franco, Vickie Goodin,
Jan Grizzaffi, Kristen Harper, Quincy Hillman,
Kayla Hogan, Heather Johnson, Tara McNaylor,
Sheri Myers, Karen Parker, Wendy Powell,

Deborah Smith, Melvin Speight, Debra Spencer,
Tessa Thompson, and Ashley Wilson

To plan and promote required and elective
educational opportunities to and for
REALTORS(R) and board members.
Carmen Blanchard-Stitt - Chairperson
Alexis Steed Foust - Vice Chairperson
Kimberly Blackmon, Sam Datta, Gerilyn DeLaurentys, 
Brady Downs, Shane Johnson, Farrah La Pan, Holly Lott, 
Michelle Marzolf, Jessica Moon, Janet Mueller,
Heather Murray, Sandra Myers-Heard, Jennifer Parker,
Carey Pifer, Brandy Sutton, and Henry Wadsworth


LEGISLATIVE:  To monitor local, state and federal
legislative activity affecting private property rights,
the real estate industry and keep the members informed.

Tim Turner - Chairperson
 Nancy Powell - Vice Chairperson

Porsha Beasley, Abigail Caffee, Brady Downs, Josh Keck,
Matt Kelly, Pam Lightsey, Gloria Marsella, Karen Parker,
Stacy Pulliam, Susan Salisbury, and Charles Tolbert

operation of the MLS and to recommend revisions,
rules and regulations to the Board of Directors
to ensure it remains the most efficient and
effective form of sharing information. 

 Pierce Blitch - 2022
Kim Bragg - 2023
Patricia Goodwin - 2025
Philip Jones - 2024
Brandi Ledford - 2023
Tim Turner - 2024
Lili Youngblood - 2025

RPAC COMMITTEE:  To communicate to the membership
the role of RPAC, the importance of contributing and
how the funds are utilized to promote home ownership
and private property rights.
Kyria Jefferies - Chairperson
Liz Bragg - Vice Chairperson
Porsha Beasley, Carmen Blanchard-Stitt, Abigail Caffee, 
Ehrin Fairey, Heather Ferrante, Pam Lightsey, 
Nancy Powell, Charles Tolbert, Henry Wadsworth,
Laura Walker, and Ashley Wilson

oung-at-heart real estate professionals through
connections, education, and networking events
while developing new leaders.
Melvin Speight - Chairperson
Matt Kelly - Vice Chairperson
Aaron Blackmon, Stuart Brooks, Christian Davis,
Kathy Gray, Kristen Harper, Kayla Hogan, Carlyetta Jones-Huff,
Serrita Lindsey, Tara McNaylor, Jessica Moon, Erin Slade,
Kristen Stouffer, Terry Wilber, Shantenet Winston

RGA Board of Director meetings are held at the Association office on the following dates:
January 24, March 21, May 23, July 25, September 26 & November 21.  If any member would like to present an item of business at a meeting, please contact sadkins@augustarealtors.com one week prior to the meeting. 

Please click here to review the RGA 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.

RGA Mission:  Provide the education, resources, guidance and advocacy necessary to ensure our members reflect the highest professional and ethical standards within the community while promoting and protecting private property rights and home ownership.