What is RPAC? 

REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC) is the voice of REALTORS® in government. RPAC raises voluntary funds from REALTORS® and uses those funds to help elect candidates for public office who share our views on issues that affect our industry and shape our communities. By supporting the campaigns of candidates who understand your business, Georgia RPAC ensures that your interests are represented when laws, ordinances, and regulations are being enacted. RPAC only considers support of candidates in regards to their support of real estate and property rights issues. As an organization representing REALTORS®, RPAC doesn’t consider other kinds of issues or political affiliaton. Georgia RPAC has contributed to Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. RPAC looks to build the future by putting dollars in places that will help advance the interests of real estate professionals. RPAC is insurance for our industry. Your RPAC investment is used to support candidates locally, as well as at the state level. A portion of the state's RPAC funds is forwarded to support national candidates.       

How does RPAC benefit  your business?

Whether you are a broker-owner or a part-time agent, politics directly impacts your profitability. Here in Georgia, RPAC has helped us accomplish numerous legislative victories:

  • ​     Passing legislation to allow REALTORS® to engage in short sale sales which had previously been interpreted by the state Banking          Department as illegal
  •      Successfully limiting local government’s ability to register vacant/foreclosed properties by creating statewide standards for all local          governments to follow
  •      Protecting REALTORS®’ ability to collect and distribute escrow funds
  •      Defeating legislation to mandate a termite inspection prior to closing
  •      Preventing statewide point-of-sale plumbing retrofit mandates
  •      Passing legislation to reform Georgia’s property tax assessment and appeals process
  •      Preventing cities and counties in Georgia from charging individual agents a business license fee for each jurisdiction in which they          conduct business

What are the levels for supporting RPAC?                                

Platinum:    $10,000 initially and $5,000 annually to sustain                                       Golden R:  $5,000 initially and $2,000 annually to sustain
Crystal R :       $2,500 annually                        Sterling R:  $1,000 annually                Ambassador:   $500 - $999 annually
Capitol Club:    $200 - $499 annually               99 Club:     $99 - $199 annually

2020 GAAR Donor Recognitions:
    Golden R: (Minimum $5,000):              

    Crystal R:  (Minimum $2,500):              

    Sterling Club (Minimum $1,000):         

    Ambassador Club ($500-$999):           Kim Bragg, Debra Franco, and Kristen Stouffer

    Capitol Club ($200 - $499):                   Gerilyn DeLaurentys, Michelle Johnson, Philip Jones,
                                                                    Donatella Armstrong-Key, Brandi Ledford, Pam Lightsey, Terri Thomas,
                                                                    Teresa Tiller, Jenny Viger, and Lili Youngblood

     $99 Club:                                               Jessica Brown, Nancy Hohlwein, Elana Hoodenpyle, Gloria Marsella, Derya Martin, 
                                                                         Delores Moore, Dennis Smith, Maria Vaill, and Debra Weisz


VOTE     *       ACT      *      INVEST

  • Support REALTOR Champions at local & state primaries and general  elections
  • Receive texts on important issues and respond to Calls For Action by texting "GA REALTORS" to 30644 and join the REALTOR Party Mobile Alerts System
  • Contribute to RPAC


Broker Involvement Program (BIP): 
A program open to broker-owners or managing brokers to stay informed of important issues affecting the real estate profession from NAR. Once a Call For Action (CFA) is released, NAR will alert brokers though e-mail and the CFA is automatically delivered to the broker's agents using the broker's name and logo in the message. Enrollment in the program is simple, click here to get started!